Flying Monkeys

I had an experience at work the other day that led me to believe I had a mole in my friends list on Facebook who was reporting information to my ex. I think it was meant to shake me up, but it really just made me feeling like showering in bleach sometime after shutting down my profile. Instead, I settled for cleaning out some mutual friends, finding out in the process that the most likely culprit had saved me the minor hassle of removing him (so thoughtful).

It takes a very short time to produce a very long list of ways my life has improved since that relationship ended. Not the least of which is having a partner who is actually a partner. There is something very wrong with a relationship when one individual has to have complete control over the other, even after the relationship has ended. When you can’t express your own thoughts or have your own opinions or be your own person or associate with whom you want to associate or take what jobs interest you or be able to even leave your living room without having someone called in to “check up on you” because you’re not even allowed a phone, so you have to use an instant messaging program to prove every five minutes that you haven’t left the house.

I remember well how I was treated, and he remembers well how he treated me. What stories he has to tell himself or others to pretend otherwise is none of my concern. I have my own life and my own real concerns. He and anyone associated with him have my express welcome to stay the absolute hell away from me and mine. I have no qualms about filing harassment charges, and he was the one who taught me which loopholes to avoid, because he constantly harasses people. Not much to be said for the integrity of someone who facilitates that, either.

Here’s a thing to consider, for anyone who doesn’t like being called out on their actions: maybe don’t do fucked up things, and no one will have anything to call you out on. Just a thought.