Depression Quest

In all the ridiculous #GamerGate hype, it was never mentioned just how damned important and accurate the game that started it all happens to be.

There’s a trigger warning at the beginning for a reason, but I challenge anyone who lives with depression not to play it and suspect that the creators were somehow able to spend five minutes in our brains.

The woman who helped create this is the one #GamerGate was trying to get to kill herself. Don’t believe me, read their own words. That blog highlights the “good” parts, but also links directly to the chat logs that kicked off the whole fiasco. #GamerGate was awful for a lot of reasons, but I’m starting to think that obscuring this game was one of the worst. More eyes on it would have given people a better understanding of what we go through and a better way to empathize, and those assholes stole it from us. Fuck you, #GamerGate. From the bottom of my miserable black hole of a heart, FUCK. YOU.