Welcome to The Weird Woods

Weird Woods Jewelry is the name of my business, and I get a lot of questions about it. So for my first post, I decided an explanation is in order.

My mother’s house is in a little stand of woods. Spring through most of fall, it is so shrouded in leaves and undergrowth that you can’t see anything in it. At night, standing outside smoking with my boyfriend, we heard a lot of crazy noises. Thus the nickname ‘the weird woods’ was born. When I started selling my jewelry, I needed a name for my first craft show booth. Because I know alliteration tends to stick in peoples’ minds, I used my boyfriend’s and my nickname for my mother’s place, which was where the business was started anyway.

Since then, I’ve done little to reinforce the name. I don’t make jewelry out of wood, none of it is forest-themed, though the Etsy pictures were all taken in the woods. That will likely change, since the light is hard to control outside so it’s not the most ideal place to photograph jewelry. But–Weird Woods Jewelry it is, and Weird Woods Jewelry it will stay. At least for the foreseeable future.

This blog will be a combination of my thought processes and jewelry-making. I hope you all enjoy.


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